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Club Whats app system was created by Stephen O'Shea
Hello, members. 

Just writing to all members again in regard to our proposed new WhatsApp messaging system which the club  will be launching soon.

Firstly thanks to everyone who has signed up so far and now we want to let you know how we see that this new messaging system will work for club members.

The system is designed to broadcast to you as a member and only you so it is not a chat group as is normal with the current racing and leisure groups WhattsApp groups.

Club reps and the committee will have the ability to message all club members or individual sections of  the club. We envisage that messages such as the examples  shown hereunder will be broadcast:

" No clubs spins tomorrow due to the forecasted snow showers "

" Tomorrow's league racing in Corkagh Park will not be going ahead as the track is booked for another event"

" Youths - Juniors are to meet tomorrow at Joe Dalys, not in Corkagh Park"

" A reminder that the annual club Quiz will take place at 8.30pm in the Goat"

You will be able to contact your club rep and the committee as an individual directly. 

So if you have not signed up yet please follow the instructions below, and remember if you do not sign up you will not receive these important messages when the system is up and running.

The committee would ask you to please copy or follow the link below and send on your full name to this system.  Joe Bloggs.....example

You will then receive an automated reply. The system will be managed by your committee members and labels will later be added to your membership profile on the system in time.  Example Jane Doe.. member interested in Audax, or John Doe a member interested in leisure cycling /parent of youth member ect ect.

Please be reassured your privacy and your information will be only used for club business. All other forms of communication via forum and email will still be active. Please dont reply to this email 
Copy and paste the link or just press. Full name .. the reply simple.
Link by

scan the QR code and you in..... Full name ...the reply simple
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