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Zwift Spins

We are delighted that so many of our club members are participating on the club Zwift spins. On a regular basis we have in excess of 100 members actively participating in these virtual spins all working to try and maintain their levels of fitness during the current lockdown. Having an outlet and opportunity to remain involved in sport in the current challenging environment is a positive and beneficial activity for everyone involved and fully supported and encouraged by the club.
The Zwift spins are open to everyone in the club irrespective of age, experience, fitness level etc. which is different to our normal spins which are split between junior/senior, white, yellow, orange, red. As a result of this junior and senior club members of mixed ability are cycling combined in a virtual world and this is a welcome opportunity for everyone to come together.
This presents a situation for all club members that is important to highlight.
Zwift provides individuals with the functionality to ask other participants to ‘follow them’ and send out requests to ‘Create a Meetup’ which allows them connect on the system. This request can go to anyone from anyone so this creates a situation where a number of things can happen:
• A junior sends a request to a senior without awareness of age
• A senior sends a request to a junior without awareness of age
• A senior accepts a request from a junior not realising that it’s a junior member
• A junior accepts a request from a senior not realising that it’s a senior member
This is something that everyone just needs to be aware of and ensure that all direct contact between junior and senior members is age appropriate at all times.
If at any stage anyone is concerned that anything inappropriate in terms of behaviour, conversations, comments, or activities of any kind associated with use of this facility on Zwift I would appreciate if you could let me know. Zwift is a fun, engaging and positive activity within the club and it’s important that we all ensure it remains that way.
Many thanks and look forward to when we are all back on the road again.

Eamonn Eaton
Child Protection Officer
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