Monday Night Youth Racing 2022

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Monday Night Youth Racing 2022 was created by Ivan O'Brien
We are delighted that Orwell Wheelers will once again be hosting Monday Night Youth Racing in Corkagh Park: nearly every week from 25 April to 16 August. Suitable for boys and girls age 6-16, everyone gets three races each evening in a fun, friendly (and slightly competitive) atmosphere!
All welcome: advance booking is essential through Eventmaster
For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Results will be posted on this forum thread each week.
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Monday Night Racing is Back!
It's hard to believe that we're at the end of April, and back on the track on a Monday evening that was bright but with a biting easterly wind. Over 40 youths were there, from 7 different clubs, and we had a great time.

There was lots of really tight, really competitive racing in all the age categories, particularly in the elimination race. A few personal highlights:
  • Daniel O'Sullivan in the elimination, who lasted longer than most of the U10 riders he and his fellow U8 were up against, being "not last" 9 times before eventually missing out by a hair's breadth.
  • Katie Turner and James Cunningham battling right to the line in the elimination: then working brilliantly as a team in the handicap
  • Josh and Molly Turner getting really serious when the finishing line was in sight!
  • Liam Walsh in a strong solo win in the handicap, while both Naomi O'Sullivan and Ysabella Huele worked so hard, with great game faces on!
  • Really unfortunate that Jack Lawless had a problem with his headset, preventing him competing in the other two races after a fine third in the TT (previously misidentified by me as Darragh Byrne. Sorry, my bad! Results corrected)
Placings were determined by combining results from the TT, elimination and handicap races, with position in the handicap race was used as a tie-breaker for final position many times!
Here are the top three in each age category (Orwell unless otherwise noted)

Under 8
Ben Cunningham, Daniel O'Sullivan, Ava Quinn

Under 10
James Godfrey, Daria Murphy, Laoise Crinion

Under 12
Dáire O'Flaherty (Carlow), James Cunningham, Xander Huele

Under 14
Darragh Byrne (Gorey), Liam Walsh, Fionn Killeen

Under 16
Jamie Byrne (Carlow)

Back again next week for more fun!
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Results from week 2 of Monday Night Racing, on 2 May.
Thanks to the parents for bringins nearly 50 kids along for two hours of serious racing, and for all the cheering from the sidelines: it was great fun. Thanks also to all the helpers who ensured that things ran quickly and efficiently throughout.
All riders are Orwell unless noted otherwise.


Under 8
With wins in the TT and elimination, and second in the handicap, Ben Cunningham took first.
A storming performance by Daniel O'Sullivan to comfortably finish second in the elimination gave him second overall, while Molly Turner was third. A win in the handicap race put Cian McGrath (unattached) in fourth.

Under 10
Daria Murphy's one second win in the TT was vital in gaining her first overall, with Jake Govan snapping at her heels. James Godfrey's handicap win gave him third overall with William Hance's elimination race performance got him fourth.

Under 12 TT time
A clean sweep gave James Cunningham first overall, with Katie Turner (resplendant in her Kanturk U12 champion's jersey) second overall, with three second places. Naoise Byrne (Carlow) got third overall thanks to a hard-fought third place in the handicap, with Daire O'Flaherty (Carlow) in fourth. The three Carlow riders worked really well together in the handicap -- kudos!

Under 14
A fiercely competitive Under 14 field, saw strong performances from Darragh Byrne (Gorey) seal the win. In the handicap race semi-scratch had a fighting chance to stay away, and they took it, working well together for the whole race to secure second to fourth place, behind Ysabella Huele. That left Fionn Killeen in second overall, with Ysabella in third and George Sevastopulo (Sundrive) fourth.

Under 16
The U16 field raced with U14 in elimination and handicap races. In the end Jamie Byrne (Carlow) came out on top, with Charlie Gannon (Breffni) in second, Seán Fitzgerald (Gorey) in third and Luke Kehoe (Lucan) with a bit of a baptism of fire in fourth!

Particular complements to the U14/U16 field in the elimination race: there were a few times when the final corner was very crowded, and nobody did anything silly! All riders home safely, with big smiles and sore legs ...

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Results from Round 3: 9 May
A different test this evening, with the traditional strong westerly wind blowing: freezing the parents on the sidelines, but also helping the kids who work together in a group.
The strong wind made the time trial harder than the last few weeks, but everyone worked hard, and remembered to shout their name at the finishing line!

Elimination races
The U8 and U10 shared an elimination race: even eliminating two a lap for the first five laps meant quite a few riders had to go a lot deeper than usual as they fought to avoid elimination! James Godfrey took on the last four laps solo to take a brilliant win.
The speed in U12 picked up, and newcomer Orann Durnin (Kilcullen) did well to keep with James Cunningham and Katie Turner, who fought out the victory: James getting the verdict.
In the U14/U16 race, Luke Kehoe (Lucan) showed some good race craft to snatch one place from Fionn Crinion right on the line, but there was no denying the boys from Gorey: they worked really well together to distance the opposition before Darragh Byrne's turn of speed gave him the win over Seán Fitzgerald.

Handicap Races
In the U8/U10 handicap race, Josh Turner rode strongly and steadily to take the win from Eoin Cassells, with James G again steaming through for third on the line, followed by Jake Govan and Daria Murphy.
In U12 James C and Katie unwrapped their handicap through superb teamwork against the wind, with James taking the win in a fantastic drag race up the finishing straight. Remy Fragniere had a strong third place finish.
For a while it looked as though Naomi O'Sullivan might hold out in the U14/U16 but she tired in the last couple of laps. Darragh's power and endurance gave hum a comfortable win -- as he lapped a couple of riders on the line he wasn't sure he had finished, so did another lap at full pace, just to be sure! Fionn rode away from his group for second with Seán in third.

Final placings in each age group :
  • U8: Ben Cunningham, Daniel O'Sullivan, Josh Turner
  • U10: James Godfrey, Jake Govan, Daria Murphy
  • U12: James Cunningham, Katie Turner, Orann Durnin
  • U14: Darragh Byrne, Fionn Crinion, Liam Walsh
  • U16: Seán Fitzgerald, Luke Kehoe
Orwell One Day: THIS WEEKEND!
Hoping to see as many of the U10-U16 riders as possible on Saturday for our Orwell One Day open race. Running from 10 to about 5, it will be similar to our monday night racing except that there is a scratch race (ie a single start, rather than handicap) for each age level, and separate races for the boys and girls. Pre-registration is compulsory (here's the link: and closes on Thursday at noon.
Should be fun!

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1 month 1 week ago #36815 by Ivan O'Brien
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Results from round 4: 16 May

What a fantastic night of racing in Corkagh Park! A little breeze, lots of keen kids and some fantastic battles for the line in just about every event ...

Overall results for each age level: combining positions in the time trial, elimination race and handicap race.All riders are Orwell unless noted otherwise
Under 8
  1. Ben Cunningham
  2. Daniel O'Sullivan
  3. Orla Synnott
Under 10
  1. James Godfrey
  2. Eoin Cassels
  3. William Hance
Under 12
  1. James Cunningham
  2. Katie Turner
  3. Alex Nelson (Usher)
Under 14
  1. George Sevastopulo (Sundrive)
  2. Brian Kavanagh (Gorey)
  3. Davis Quinn
Under 16
  1. Killian O'Brien
  2. Connor Fennell
  3. Seán Fitzgerald (Gorey)

A few standout moments for me (though I'm sure everyone who was there has their own)
  • In the U14/U16 handicap race: Brian and Davis working brilliantly together -- and then Fionn bridging across and staying with the group all the way. In the same race, Tadhg grabbing Killian's wheel as he sped past going up the hill, and sticking with him along the whole top straight! And Connor's performance -- so much progress in so little time.
  • In the U14/U16 elimination: Ysabella working SO hard to be second last U14 in the field. Chapeau, young lady!
  • U12 handicap race: the sheer power of the James and Katie machine, working together so tightly until the drag race to the finishing line.
  • U8/U10 elimination: Ben getting the jump on William with a huge acceleration just before the corner, and then just losing to James G one lap later. Wowsers
But mainly the sheer joy of everyone riding their bikes with their friends ...
Thanks to everyone who helped to make it all happen, and to Michael for taking on the handicapping -- always a high-pressure job.

See you all again next week, I hope!


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Round 5: 23 May
While the weather forecast kept quite a few people away, those who were brave enough to come along had a great time! We had light drizzle through the TT and first elimination race but after that it brightened up and we ended up with a beautiful rainbow at the end ...


The U8/U10 elimination race got very tight and tactical at the end, with Ben Cunningham putting in an early sprint to survive a couple of late eliminations which Laoise Crinion rode brilliantly: she knows that second last is safe, and her placement throughout was excellent, netting her second place.behind James Godfrey.

As numbers were lower (and we were afraid there might be another shower!) we ran U12, U14 and U16 in a combined race. The older kids respected the spirit of the race and ensured it didn't get too strung out until towards the end! Katie Turner gave a tactical masterclass as herself and James Cunningham outlasted every U14 except Fionn Killeen!

A big hat-tip to Shane for setting the handicaps today, as they led to some fantastic racing. In the U8/U10 all the wise heads at the finishing line changed our minds about five times about who was going to win as Ben Cunningham stormed up on Orla Synnott: he finally caught her a single bike length from the line as we all screamed ourselves hoarse! Laoise Crinion broke from her group to finish a strong third.

The U12/U14/U16 race saw scratch (Fionn Killeen and Killian O'Brien) finally catch a very well organised semi-scratch with just one lap to go. Ysabella won that bunch sprint sprint for third, with Katie Turner, James Cunningham and Tadhg Roberts following. Xander Huele put in a fantastic sprint for third U12.

Final results
  • Under 8: Ben Cunningham, Daniel O'Sullivan, Molly Turner (with Orla missing out on third by a single point after her handicap heroics!)
  • Under 10: James Godfrey, Laoise Crinion, Connor Synnott
  • Under 12: James Cunningham, Katie Turner, Xander Huele
  • Under 14: Fionn Killeen, Brian Kavanagh (Gorey), Jack Lawless (Gorey)
  • Under 16: Killian O'Brien, Luke Kehoe (Lucan)
See you all next week for round 5!


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3 weeks 4 days ago #36862 by Ivan O'Brien
Replied by Ivan O'Brien on topic Monday Night Youth Racing 2022
Round 6: 30 May

It was a night for the ducks in Corkagh Park, particularly during the time trial, when the heavens opened! Well done to the over 30 kids who still came out and made the most of it! Just as with last week, it brightened up for the second half of the evening, and the goodies donated from the Orwell Women's League finale helped to keep the kids warm. Thankfully there were plenty of umbrellas and soigneurs at hand to take jackets off shoulders 10 seconds before the start!

The racing was fast, furious but safe -- the right line on the final corner in the elimination race was critical, and quite a few riders just ran out of room. Wet conditions make it a different race ...

In the U8/U10 handicap race, a group of three (dubbed "the cavalry") broke away from scratch and gobbled up the rest of the field, with James Godfrey leading Daria Murphy and William Hance at the line. Connor Synnott soloed around for a strong fourth place.

The U12/U14/U16 handicap saw some well organised groups, with Kilcullen's Orann Durnin and Conor Regan combining well to take the first two places. Darragh Byrne (Gorey) took off on his own from scratch to finish third over the line. 

Final top 3 in each age level: Orwell Wheelers unless noted
  • Under 8: Daniel O'Sullivan, Ben Cunningham, Josh Turner
  • Under 10: James Godfrey, Daria Murphy, James Hunt
  • Under 12: James Cunningham, Orann Durnin (Kilcullen), Xander Huele
  • Under 14: Darragh Byrne (Gorey), Conor Regan (Kilcullen), Fionn Killeen
  • Under 16: Luke Kehoe (Lucan), Seán Fitzgerald (Gorey)
After 6 rounds of racing, the league leaderboard is
  • Under 8: Ben Cunningham, Daniel O'Sullivan, Molly Turner
  • Under 10: James Godfrey, Daria Murphy, Laoise Crinion
  • Under 12: James Cunningham, Katie Turner, Xander Huele
  • Under 14: Darragh Byrne (Gorey), Fionn Killeen, Fionn Crinion
  • Under 16: Luke Kehoe (Lucan), Seán Fitzgerald (Gorey), Jamie Byrne (Carlow)

We are planning to run races again next Monday, even though it's a bank holiday. Hopefully we can break the run of rainy evenings!

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2 weeks 4 days ago #36896 by Ivan O'Brien
Replied by Ivan O'Brien on topic Monday Night Youth Racing 2022
Round 7: 6 June
What a fantastic evening of racing we had! While there were a fair number away for the bank holiday weekend, the sight of a bit of sun drew a few extra along and we had a super time! Great to see a few new riders taking advantage of being in Dublin to see what we get up on on Mondays. Nobody seemed very distracted by the huge funfair on the other side of the hedge.

In the U8/U10 elimination, Ben Cunningham and Daniel O'Sullivan were last of the U8 riders, while William Hance used his last sprint to power past James Hunt up the hill and survive one more elimination before completely blowing up! Daria Murphy gave James Godfrey a very good run for this money.

In U12, Naoise Byrne (Carlow) did brilliantly to finish a convincing third behind James Cunningham and Katie Turner

The U14/U16 eliminator was tight right from the start, with every single elimination hard fought. Super to see Luke Keogh (Lucan) display a huge jump in confidence to hold his lines and survive to the last four, with Sean Fitzgerald and Darragh Byrne (both Gorey) unable to keep George Sevastopulo (Sundrive) from winning. 

The handicap races were an unusual set today, with a solo semi-scratch rider holding off the rapidly-approaching pack in each race!
In U8/U10 it was Laoise Crinion, while raiders from Carlow (Noah Byrne and Niall McDonald) were first over the line in the other two categories. Noah had a real last-lap-gritted-teeth look after the first lap of five, and I don't think anyone really believed he would be able to keep that up for five laps, but he did! Chapeau young man! Niall held on for 9 laps ... there's something in the Carlow water, clearly.

Final results
  • Under 8: Ben Cunningham, Daniel O'Sullivan, Cian McGrath (UA Leinster)
  • Under 10: James Godfrey, Daria Murphy, Laoise Crinion
  • Under 12: James Cunningham, Katie Turner, Noah Byrne
  • Under 14: George Sevastopulo (Sundrive), Darragh Byrne (Gorey), Niall McDonald (Carlow)
See you next Monday for more great youth racing!


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Round 8: 13 June

We're in the middle of the summer and the Monday Night Racing action continues to be full on!

Special kudos on the night to:
  • Laoise Crinion for knocking a good few seconds out of her best TT time and a very well timed burst to knock Jake Govan off the podium in the elimination.  
  • Eoin Cassells for riding four laps solo to take a comfortable win in the road race.
  • The big three U10 riders for riding together in the road race to gradually winch in the groups ahead. And William Hance for letting them wear themselves out and outsprinting them at the end!
  • Darragh Peters for a superb ride to win the U12/U14/U16 road race.
  • Fionn Killeen and Jack Lawless (Gorey) for a brilliantly contested sprint in the elimination decider
  • And Luke Kehoe (Lucan) for a smashing 1.30 in the time trial on a fast looking bike.
Final results (Orwell unless otherwise noted)
  • U8: Daniel O'Sullivan
  • U10: James Godfrey, Daria Murphy (same points: separated by one place in handicap race!), Eoin Cassells
  • U12: Darragh Peters (Gorey), Xander Huele, Sam Steed (Kilcullen)
  • U14: Fionn Killeen, Jack Lawless (Gorey), Héctor Leahy
  • U16: Luke Kehoe (Lucan), Seán Fitzgerald (Gorey)

See you next week!
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Round 9: 20 June
We had 29 kids, and heaps of parents and grandparents, at the track this evening, soaking up the glorious sunshine.
There were a couple of standout performances in the elimination races: in U8/U10 Laoise Crinion rode brilliantly to take second, while in the U12/U14/U16 race Luke Kehoe (Lucan) and James Cunningham rode brilliantly to hold off lots of strong riders.
In the U8/U10 handicap race, Eoin Cassells and Orla Synnott made the most of their handicap to easily close out the top spots. It was fairly strung out at the end, but Will Hance brought the second group home, followed by James Hunt and TJ O'Connor.
The U12/U14/U16 handicap race saw four groups riding really tightly together for the first half of the race. Fionn Killeen soloed strongly away from scratch. Tadhg Roberts managed to tag onto the rest of scratch as they passed, and held on for the remaining four laps for a huge win, with limit (Xander HueleJake GovanYsabella Huele and Darragh Peters (Gorey)) holding out ahead of Fionn KilleenFionn Crinion had a mechanical, but worked well with Luke Kehoe for the rest of the race.

And here are the overall results from this evening, combining time trial, elimination and handicap races (Orwell unless stated)
  • Under 8. Ben Cunningham, Orla Synnott, Daniel O'Sullivan
  • Under 10: James Godfrey, Eoin Cassells, James Hunt
  • Under 12: James Cunningham, Xander Huele, Darragh Peters (Gorey)
  • Under 14: Fionn Killeen, Tadhg Roberts, Jack Lawless (Gorey)
  • Under 16: Luke Kehoe (Lucan), Sean Fitzgerald (Gorey)
There are 17 rounds in total, so we have just passed the halfway point with 9 rounds completed. The overall series rankings and points are:
  • Under 8: Ben Cunningham (93), Daniel O'Sullivan (85), Molly Turner (39), Orla Synnott (36)
  • Under 10: James Godfrey (103), Daria Murphy (65), Laoise Crinion (53), James Hunt (49)
  • Under 12: James Cunningham (93), Xander Huele (59), Katie Turner (55), Jake Govan (38)
  • Under 14: Fionn Killeen (59), Darragh Byrne (Gorey) (57), Ysabella Huele (47), Tadhg Roberts (44)
  • Under 16: Luke Kehoe (Lucan) (73), Seán Fitzgerald (Gorey) (65), Jamie Byrne (Carlow) and Killian O'Brien (24)
So some strong leadership positions, but it's all still to play for! See you again next Monday.


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