We have safely navigated Phase 2 of the gradual return to cycling thanks to the commitment and efforts of everyone in the club. As a club, we welcome the easing of restrictions supported by Government and Cycling Ireland that commenced June 29th 2020.

Phase 3 allows us to commence the resumption of club activities in line with guidelines provided by Sport Ireland and Cycling Ireland which are aligned to the approach recommended by Government for this phase.

The resumption of group training and events requires us to operate as a club within the guidelines agreed by Sport Ireland and Cycling Ireland. One of the key roles in enabling us to recommence activities is that of the Group Leader. The club committee and members really appreciate the efforts of so many individuals who lead club spins throughout the year without whom we would not be able to operate in a safe, collegiate and supportive environment. Now that we are restarting group training and events the role of the Group Leader is even more important as it is a critical enabler in the club operating within the Cycling & Sport Ireland guidelines.

If you are leading a group training spin or event that was organised through the club forum, WhatsApp groups or any club channel there are a number of new steps you need to follow as outlined below.


As groups arrive at the agreed/published meeting point the Group Leader must remind everyone of the Orwell 2,2,2, Rule

• Enforce 2m social distance at the meeting point
• Establish 2m distance at the coffee stop, when stopped for mechanicals or punctures,
and avoid sharing pumps, tools or equipment e.g. cones, water bottles etc.
• Ensure 2m social distance at the departure point


The Group Leader must ask each individual at the start of the training/event to confirm that they have completed the mandatory return through Eventbrite.

If they have, then they can participate in the training or event. If not, they cannot participate in the training/event pending completion of the Eventbrite return.

Contact Tracing Records

The Group Leader is responsible for capturing the names of everyone participating in their group for the specific training/ event as follows:

1. The information is captured on the Cycling Ireland web application.
2. Input name of event e.g. Tuesday Night Hills Group 1, Wednesday Winter Warriors, Sunday Orange Group 3, Saturday White Group 1 etc.
3. The leader inserts their name and the number of people in the group
4. The Group Leader inputs all the names and saves
5. The Group Leader will receive a confirmation email with the spin details and all names listed and they then forward this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This can be done at the coffee break or on completion of the spin.

The details are retained by Cycling Ireland in the event a club member being exposed to Covid-19 for contact tracing.

This is a link to a YouTube video explaining the system


This is the link to the Cycling Ireland reservation/contract tracing system


We appreciate this is an additional burden for the Group Leaders however its completion is an insurance requirement and also a mandatory government requirement for contact tracing purposes.

Many thanks to all Group Leaders for supporting the introduction and implementation of these procedures and this system aimed at keeping us and our families safe as we resume club activities.



Eamonn Eaton, Covid-19 Manager and the Covid-19 Working Group