From midnight Friday, the 18th of Sept for a 3 week period the government have placed Dublin on Level 3 guidelines with some additional conditions. In addition to adhering to the Level 3 guidelines, people from Dublin have been asked to stay within our region and keep the number of people we meet to a minimum. This impacts club cycling in a number of ways:

Participation in outdoor sport is allowed within pods up to a maximum of 15 people. Our club guidelines are that training groups of 8 are recommended as this facilitates safer group management especially at coffee stops. Under no circumstances should groups exceed 12 which is the club maximum allowed.

All club training spins and events can only take place within the confines of County Dublin.

Coffee stops can only take place outdoors as indoor seating in cafes is no longer allowed.

Social gatherings are not permitted and as a result, coffee stops on spins need to be carefully managed in line with the procedures of the cafe. Cafes are restricted outdoors to a total of 15 customers so again a group size of 8 is easier to manage in this situation.

Where a group decide to avail of take away facilities then social distancing in pairs (2 family units) is recommended during a coffee stop. This is in line with the requirement to restrict external meetings to one other household.

It is recommended that Club members from outside Dublin do not travel into the county during the 3 week period for club training or events.

Any club member who is medically vulnerable and those over 70 are advised to exercise judgment in deciding if they wish to engage with others and activities outside the home for the 3 week period.

Our objective as a club is to create a safe and supportive environment for all members who wish to continue cycling during the level 3 period and also do our best to keep our friends, family and the public well. Participating in club activities during this level 3 period is a personal choice and anyone is free not to participate in club activities if they feel uncomfortable to do so.

Many thanks to everyone for your continued support and cooperation.

The Covid - 19 Committee