Thanks to all for attending this very unusual first, and hopefully last virtual AGM.

I would like to start tonight by expressing our sincere condolences to all our members who have lost loved ones this year.

I would also like to thank all our members who work in frontline roles and who day in day out put others before themselves. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

It has been a very unorthodox year as President. I was promised that it would be all about shaking hands, presenting prizes and going to events! Instead I became possibly the only Orwell President to ever ask people to curb their cycling.

As we have become used to phrases such as “social distancing”, “lockdown”, “self-isolation” we have also had to develop strategies and new approaches to club activities. I would sincerely like to thank our newly formed club Covid Committee – Fergal, John, Denis and in particular it’s manager – Eamonn Eaton for all their tireless work in keeping up with and translating regulations so that we can continue to cycle/train in keeping with the letter and spirit of the guidelines.


Despite everything there were still many highlights for me this year and people who deserve thanks…

· Orwell ran a successful Leinster CX Championships – thanks to Luke, Barry, Lorna & their team.

· We managed to squeeze in the Orwell 200 before the first lockdown – thanks Colin Coffey and co

· We became experts in technology and the world of online club spins & racing thanks to Barry Redmond & Dave Mc

· Our youth riders did some amazing fundraising in their lockdown areas and online

· Andrew Ryan and his team of juniors & youths ran a very successful online Stephen Roche GP – with attention to detail that would professional event organisers to shame.

· Leonard and the Leisure team did their best to keep us healthy with training plans, tip, videos and zoom yoga sessions thanks to Aidan Hammond & Sinead Kennedy.


When restrictions eased we were ready to roll again –

· Bryan Johnston & the spin leaders tried to shake off the rust.

· Damian Long and the League team took us to Corkagh Park where big numbers turned out for many great nights of racing.

· Terry Duffy brought us along on her 1 woman, a bike, a tent and a trailer WWW odyssey.

· Some National Championships even managed to take place – Congratulations to Katie Reilly – u15 road champ, Oisin May – track champ, Caoimhe May Junior road TT champ and Ronan O’Connor who won the prestigious Junior Road Title in style

· To hear that up to 50 youths regularly attend weekend sessions in Corkagh Park gives me great hope for the future of cycling – many thanks to Ivan O’Brien and his team of parents.

· We recently signed the 20x20 charter whereby we promised to support and actively promote women in cycling

· And finally a big highlight for me was the club awarding David Tansey life honorary membership in recognition of all his support over the years. We thank him for everything and wish him many happy hill climbs and sunny trails in his retirement.


I apologise to anyone I may have missed, so many people do so much for the club it is difficult to include everyone.


As many of you know I have recently taken on a new challenge and as a result I have decided to step from the committee (for now!).  I would like to finish by thanking my fellow committee members for all their hard work and support - and special mention to Fergal O'Sullivan and George Flannagan who have been my rocks this year. I wish the Fergal and new committee all the best for 2021.

Louise Keane