Orwell Wheelers are running a set of classes as a gentle introduction to group riding for women. Read more for details.

Some short but vital pieces of information on coaching nights, club spins and club racing, track accreditation, and youth racing. Check them out!

With the racing and sportive seasons underway, don't forget about the track! Now is a great time to get accredited at Sundrive Track - they're running plenty of Saturday sessions over the next couple of months.

Orwell Wheelers, Ireland's largest cycling club, are looking for additional sponsors for our new jersey.

A couple of items from Monday night's committee meeting. First and foremost, all 2012 CI licences are now defunct. As of 31st January, if you do not hold a 2013 licence, you are not insured on Orwell spins. For more details and notices, please click below...

Orwell have organised a few nights over the coming weeks, with something for every type of rider. These all take place on Monday nights at 7.30pm in the Milltown Institute.