A collective madness of randonneurs and the communities along the route that support them on their journey. What else but madness could describe 6000 cyclists all who must qualify by riding 200, 300, 400- and 600-kilometre Brevet events just to get to the start line. Or for a 100 years whole communities, towns, villages and generations of families, set up sleep, food, coffee and water stops often for free to help this long chain of riders reach Paris? Why do the cyclists and spectators who share the 1200 Klm of road do this, for no prize, for no reward?  If this is not some collective madness, then it must be something beautiful, ordinary people doing something extraordinary.

At 19-00 planning became a reality as we started off on our journey, suggested breaks and food stops all penciled in along the way. Nice sunny evening, good temperatures and no rain. Riding along in a group making good time and stopping briefly on the Curragh to don Hi Viz and light up. Read on as Andrew Potts takes a look back at the recent Scott Orwell promoted National 400

So I drop into Joe Dalys for an impulse bottom bracket, as you do and Louise is calling me out “I have an article in my head about the PBP 2019 and you nutters but I need someone to write it;)” Meanwhile Dave is very calmly suggesting to Louise she should stop abusing the customers....

James O'Callaghan is a veteran of many long and testing cycles - audaxes, Marmottes and countless others but this summer he took on his biggest challenge to date in the form of the Mile Failte 1,200. Thanks to James for taking time to send a write up on the event and the preparation that went into it. We cant wait to see what he has lined up for 2019;)

4am, 175km in: At the one-stop, blink-and-you'll-miss-it village of Kilmacow, searching for our rest stop. No signs of light or life. Then suddenly, an inebriated madman standing in the middle of the road waving his arms wildly. Oh wait, that's Leonard, standing there since who knows when, to make sure we don't get lost. Serves him right for putting us up to this in the first place!