Leisure Reports

Relive Luke GJ Potter’s final two days in Gran Canaria just before Christmas. He was sent on an errand to the top of a Volcano for a last minute Christmas Present. He made a rookie mistake after dinner that left him in a spot of bother at the airport.

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Luke GJ Potter and Paul Kane went on a three day Bike Packing Trip around the Sunny South East in late September. To the backdrop of the washed out Road World Championships, Luke recounts their adventures as he journeys to new places to see an old friend.

It is hard to believe that not quite two years ago, Blessington seemed so far away and now I have a 200km Audax in just a few days. Yikes! 

“This isn’t too bad, I must be pretty good at this stuff!” - I’d made it past The Deep Sink, supposedly the worst part of the route, and now the rocky gnarly path became muddy slippery. Just need to be in the moment, let my balance flow with the terrain. ‘OOF!’ I hear behind me, another casualty. Right then my own front and rear wheels have a disagreement, and I land on my side. Look back to see......... (read on to see what or WHO Kashif saw!!)

I had first heard of the Seashell Trust Sportive in 2016. The idea was to tie it in with a visit to my mate Rory in Manchester. It all came together for 2019 for what turned out to be an epic 170km in the Peak District!