Pinergy-Orwell Wheelers is proud to announce that entries are now open for this year's Stephen Roche Grand Prix. Taking place on the evening of Wednesday 26th of June, an exciting evening of racing lies ahead on the usual closed circuit lap of Meadow Mount Dundrum, home of the Roche family.


Entries via Eventmaster: 

Sign on: Balinteer Community School - 



Sign on at from 17:30 to 19:15

Marshals Meeting: 18:00

Youth Races: 18:20 (U10 and under on grass track, U12, U14 and U16 races on road) 

Women's Race (Handicapped W1, W2, W3): 19:30

Youth Prize Giving: 19:30

Men's (A1/A2/A3/JNR) Race: 20:00

Men's and Women's Prize Giving: 21:00


Men's Race

1st to 8th Overall

First Unplaced A2

First Unplaced A3

First Unplaced Junior

First Orwell

Plus primes on laps 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Women's Race

1st to 8th Overall

First Unplaced Junior

First Orwell

Plus primes on laps 5, 10, 15

Provisional Men's Start List - Entries close at midday Wednesday

Conn Mc Dunphy - Team Skyline - Cadence - A+

Cian Keogh - Team Skyline - Cadence - A+

Mark Dowling - All Human/VeloRevolution Racing Team - A1

James Davenport - All Human/VeloRevolution Racing Team - A1

Stuart Carrick - Bray Wheelers - A1

Jack Conroy - Bray Wheelers - A1

Alan Lyne - Dunboyne Cycling Club - A1

Tadhg Killeen - Kilcullen Cycling Club Murphy Geospacial - A1

Peter Kirwan - Lucan Cycling Road Club - A1

James Delaney - Lucan Cycling Road Club - A1

Mark Donnelly-Orr - Lucan Cycling Road Club - A1

Paul O Reilly - Roadman Cycling Club - A1

Mikey Flaherty - Spellman-Dublin Port - A1

Paul Kennedy - Team Skyline - Cadence - A1

Liam Crowley - UCD Cycling Club - A1

Ruairi Byrne - UCD Cycling Club - A1

Rhys Kenny - UCD Cycling Club - A1

Conor Murnane - UCD Cycling Club - A1

Eoin Kelly - UCD Cycling Club - A1

Sean Mc Kenna - Un-Attached Leinster - A1

Javan Nulty - Un-Attached Leinster - A1

Martin Colgan - Armagh Down CC - A2

Craig Byrne - Bray Wheelers - A2

Caoilin Considine - Bray Wheelers - A2

Cormac Meegan - Drogheda Wheelers - A2

Cian Bailey - Dunboyne Cycling Club - A2

Padraig Moran - Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar CC - A2

Robert Farrell - Lucan Cycling Road Club - A2

Ronan O Flynn - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club - A2

Cahir O Higgins - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club - A2

Christopher Marshall - Spellman-Dublin Port - A2

David Ryan - St Tiernans Cycling Club - A2

Alan Allman Redmond - Team Dan Morrissey - Primor by Pissei - A2

James Mc Kenny - Team Dan Morrissey - Primor by Pissei - A2

Sean Lundy - UCD Cycling Club - A2

Andrew Butterly - Velo Club Balrothery - A2

Roy Santos - Blarney Cycling Club - A3

Robert Magee - Bray Wheelers - A3

Jason Howick - Bray Wheelers - A3

Edmond O Connor - Bray Wheelers - A3

Daniel Mc Guinness - Clondalkin CC - A3

Dave Reilly - Emyvale CC - A3

Rob Jennings - Lucan Cycling Road Club - A3

Frank Mc Dermott - Oldcastle CC - A3

Dick O Brien - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club - A3

Diarmuid Collins - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club - A3

Cesar Lopes - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club - A3

Mel Sutcliffe - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club - A3

Sean O Kane - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club - A3

Luke Keaney - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club - A3

John-Paul Lyons - South Dublin CC - A3

Marc Farrelly - St Tiernans Cycling Club - A3

John Mc Cormack - St Tiernans Cycling Club - A3

Bryan Geary - St Tiernans Cycling Club - A3

Sean Curtis - Sundrive Track Team - A3

Mark Stewart - Sundrive Track Team - A3

Ciaran Scanlon - UCD Cycling Club - A3

Patrick Ennis - Un-Attached Leinster - A3

Dáire Mc Nab - Un-Attached Leinster - A3

Michael Barry - Un-Attached Leinster - A3

Kevin Hanafin - VC Beechwood - A3

Peter Swinand - Precision Racing Corp


Provisional Women's Start List - Entries close at midday Wednesday

Orla Walsh - UCD Cycling Club

Jennifer Neenan - UCD Cycling Club

Aoife O Brien - Belco Van Eyck

Ellen Mc Dermott - Keukens Redant Cycling Team

Ellen Ni Cleirigh - Longcourt Hotel - NCW Wheelers

Jennifer Bates - Longcourt Hotel - NCW Wheelers

Annalise Murphy - Longcourt Hotel - NCW Wheelers

Louise O Riordan - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club

Marijke Beltman - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club

Josephine Lynch - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club

Orla Hendron - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club

Yvonne Doran - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club

Shelley Horan - Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club



Note that this race is a criterium and will be run in line with the Cycling Ireland criterium regulations


1. A race on a circuit of less than 3kms will be deemed to be a Criterium.

2. A Criterium may be over a set number of laps or time. If on time it is recommended that by at least mid-way in time, the number of laps remaining to complete the race should be calculated and advised to the competitors. This can be advised by lapboard or announcement.

3. In a Criterium a competitor suffering an acceptable mishap i.e. puncture, crash or breakage of a part of their bicycle will be granted a lap out with the exception of the last 5 laps. There will only be one such lap out permitted unless provided for under special race regulations for the race.

4. An official pit or pits must be established at which machines and wheels will be made available and where a lap out may be claimed in respect of rule T7.A2.3 above, at the discretion of the Pit Commissaire.

5. Competitors granted a lap out, should rejoin the event in the same position, but at the rear of the group in which they were, prior to the mishap.

6. If a group, defined as the breakaway group, laps the main field they shall be given a clear passage, and no rider within the main field shall take advantage of such an incident.

7. If a group, defined as the breakaway group, catches riders who have been dropped by the main field, then such dropped riders may take advantage of the situation until they regain the main field but must not lead.

8. Riders can only work together with riders who are at the same point in the race. If a rider deliberately drops back from any bunch, to assist a rider who is gaining, both riders may be disqualified.

9. The Chief Commissaire has the right to remove lapped riders whom they deem to be out of contention.

10. Primes may be made available during the race and the allocation of such primes will be at the organisation’s discretion.

11. All riders will finish on the same lap as the winner, with the exception of the situation as defined in T7.A2.13 below.

12. First aid personnel are mandatory for Criterium races and Cycling Ireland’s Safety Code must be adhered to.

13. Where a group of riders (2 or more) lap the field and are still in a lapped group at the bell, the bell will first be sounded for the lapped riders, and those riders a lap up will continue for another 3 laps when the bell will sound again for the leaders last lap.


Pits will be located near the stage at the start/finish area. 


In addition to the ongoing support from our primary sponsor Pinergy, we're pleased to announce that this year's races will be sponsored by: