For all membership queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2021 Members

please contact the membership secretary for details on joining club. See the Contacts page of the website for emails addresses 

The Orwell Pathways programme is to enable cyclists to learn the skills of group cycling, in a fun way, with like-minded people. It is held on three consecutive Sundays. Each day has two sessions of about two hours each, a morning session of cycling skills training, a short  break and then a short road cycle, which will include instruction and tips.

Each session builds on the previous one. The first session on each of the three days is held in an enclosed cycling park which offers a very safe environment. As a prospective new member you will greatly increase your enjoyment of our Pathways programme if you do some cycling beforehand, to increase your fitness. This is important as we expect new entrants to be able to cycle about 60km in three hours.  If you haven't cycled much or need to improve your fitness start with short spins of 15-25km and steadily increase the distance and pace. For Southsiders the spin from Dundrum to Enniskerry and back is about 30km with some hills. From Dundrum to Lucan is about 50km. For Northsiders a cycle from the Custom House to Howth return is about 30km. Later you could do Howth, Malahide, Coolock and home at about 45km. 

Some applicants with demonstrable advanced group riding skills may not have to attend all the sessions.

Hard shell helmets and road bikes with dropped handlebars are mandatory. Check out our club spin info, requirements, etiquette and technique before coming out.


2021 Racing Members

For those with Cycling Ireland Racing Licenses wishing to transfer to Scott Orwell Wheelers please contact the Racing Rep via email - details can be found on the contacts page of the website.


2021 Renewing Senior Members

Membership is now closed. If you were a member in 2020 and you missed the closing date or did not receive an email/ink to re-register please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Senior Membership - €60: This is for all senior members who are NOT registering for the Club League (racing) at this time.
  • Club League entry - €30: This is for all Club members who wish to register for the Club League (racing) at this time. Please note that you must have either a Limited Competition or Full Competition licence from CI.
  • Both of the above - €90
  • Club Supporter - €20 - This is for a Senior club member who will not be taking part in any cycling event. Suitable for parents of youths or similar.

You need to a have a valid Cycling Ireland membership for insurance. The renewing of your club membership DOES NOT automatically renew your Cycling Ireland membership, please see the appropriate sites:


2021 Youth & Junior Members

Membership is open for youth & juniors who would like to join Scott Orwell Wheelers. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Junior Membership: this is for Youths & Juniors who wish to Renew / Join the club – There is no need to register specifically for the league as all Juniors will be included. Please note that the email address provided MUST be that of a Parent or Guardian not the member.


Membership of more than one club:

All club members who have multiple club memberships must have Orwell Wheelers named on their Cycling Ireland license. (2016 AGM).


Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club Policy on Electrically “Assisted” Bicycles (E. Bikes) (May 2020)

·       This policy to be reviewed every two years or sooner if required.  

·       It is the policy of Orwell Wheelers CC to encourage cycling and welcome cyclists using bicycles in compliance with the requirements listed on our website under “Spins”. In addition, we now welcome electrically assisted bicycles commonly known as “E Bikes” under the following conditions:

·       Definition of E Bike: It must be in compliance with; (EU) EN 15194:2017 – Directive 2019/436 when applied to “road bikes” also described as racing bike. This agreed standard includes ISO specifications for the materials and manufacturing process, the rated maximum assisted speed (25kph) and the maximum continuous rated power of 250w.

·       Permitted use of E Bikes: Compliant E Bikes will only be allowed for use in the club under two conditions;

  1. Age, over sixty six (66) years of age.
  2. Medical conditions.

·       Permit System: The club will operate a simple and discrete permit system to control the safe introduction of E Bikes into our pool of conventional road bikes. Any person wishing to cycle an E Bike must apply to the club for a permit.

·       Conditions of Permit: That all persons using E Bikes will cycle safely and responsibly, abide by all instructions and only use the “electrical assistance” where necessary, and at a level consistent to the current group to ensure safe group riding.

·       New Members to the club need to confirm that they have read the policy and meet the requirements as a part of the registration process

·       Non-Compliance: Any member persisting in cycling an E Bike at club events without a permit, or cycling in an unsafe manner could be sanctioned or removed from the club in accordance with the club disciplinary procedure.

Process on eBike approval

1.     Applicable member emails This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confirming

  • The member requesting use of the eBike must have read and accept the E Bike Policy as per the club website    
  • They must are over 66 or have a medical condition that requires them to use an electrical bike

2.     The Membership Secretary acknowledges the request and confirms back to the member that the request has been approved

3.     The Membership secretary updates the membership list to reflect that the member is using an E Bike


Communication for members

The Forum:

Orwell members communicate with each using various methods. The main means of communication is the Club Forum. All members can post general queries here. Due to the size of the club, and the workload associate with creating and deleting so many accounts each year, members are not automatically given access. If you are an Scott-Orwell member but do not have a login, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Social Media:

The club has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Facebook: Orwell Wheelers Facebook Page

Twitter: Orwell Wheelers Twitter Link

Instagram: Orwell Wheelers Instagram Link


Mailing Lists and WhatsApp Groups

There are a few mailing lists and WhatsApp Groups in operation.

To be added to one of the racing groups (A1/2, A3, A4), please contact either of the racing reps with your category and licence details, and a bit about what you want to do. This will enable them to add you to the relevant groups.

To be added to the women's racing group, please contact the female racing rep.

To be added to the Weekly Leisure E-Mail, please contact the leisure rep.