To try to encapsulate Tom’s accomplishments in a few short sentences would be an utterly futile exercise. Enumerating even some of his achievements would read like an on-line dating application, a skill he would find superfluous, so I’m left with the only option open to me, which is to suggest that you view this short video.

While it is just a surface-level snapshot of “our Tom’s” outdoor activities, it is without reference to any of his indoor pursuits like, playing the oboe, taking singing lessons, learning Russian, crafting wood, choir singing etc. etc. Time spent in his convivial company with a glass of wine is greatly appreciated by his many friends.

Of course he is totally unaware of the inspiration he is to his cycling companions. I often think to myself when cycling up a hill behind him, that he is the embodiment of what Winston Churchill once said “It’s the courage to continue that counts”


Val Smith