Reports from the Orwell League, and before that, the Inter-club League.

The opening round of the 2014 Orwell League saw some super fast times set for the Pine Forest course, with Eric Downey resuming where he left off for the 2013 league - at the top.

The Club League Committee are gearing up for the 2014 calendar, and are currently hard at work getting the necessary pieces into place. Ahead of the final calendar, here's some prelimiary notices of your responsibilities for the Orwell League.

The Orwell League wrapped up last Thursday on a new circuit, as Colum Bradley soloed to a fantastic win. It was never going to be enough to dislodge Eric Downey from the overall though, and Lucy Soden fought off fierce competition to take the women's prize.

Brian Ahern proved his form is truly in the ascendancy with a emphatic win in last night's hill climb, beating second place by nearly 30 seconds to retain his title. Rachel Glendon made a rare appearance to defend her crown, managing to hold off her only challenger by just under 20 seconds.

Brian Ahern showed that he hasn't lost any of his class despite time off the bike, following his 5th place at Mondello on Tuesday by taking a fine win in last night's bunch gallop at Black Bull.