Reports from the Orwell League, and before that, the Inter-club League.

Eric Downey increased his lead in the club league at round 16 in Corkagh Park after netting a convincing win in the A race over breakaway companion Gavin Dodd. In the B race a break of three stayed away, with Julian Moore taking the win ahead of Ronan Grimes and Brian Doyle.

Darragh Long finally secured his maiden league win in the Road Race Champs last night, a week after Tom Blennerhassett took the gold in the 25TT Champs. For the women, Monica Marconi took the honours in the test, while Isabel Cogan bested her on the road.

After observing the race unfold from his vantage point in the lead car, Brian Ahern volunteered to report on this week's league race. The night may have been dominated by Eric Downey, but he was outshone by an impressive performance from junior Darragh Long.

A relatively calm night for the club's 10 Mile Time Trial Championships meant many personal bests were set, but the fastest time on the night was Eric Downey, blasting home in 22'52". Top of the women's podium was Lucy Soden, also the fastest of the Limit group, knocking nearly 90 seconds off her previous time for a lightning fast 25'52".

Strong winds were a deciding factor in both races at Corkagh Park last night, and emerging victorious into the headwind were Valdis Andersons and Brian McArdle. For both riders, it was their second result of the season - Andersons's being the R7 crit, and McArdle's his recent stage win in Donegal.