Reports from the Orwell League, and before that, the Inter-club League.

Peter Gerrard continued his winning streak in the club league, taking the sprint to win the Scratch/Semi-Scratch race for the second week running, while David Maher showed his strength to take the win in the Limit/Semi-Limit race last night.

Due to large numbers of people asking to join the Orwell League after the deadline for applications had passed, the League Committee have decided to grant an amnesty, and accept new applications for the next two weeks only.

Corkagh Park was the scene of round two of the Orwell League, on a damp and dull April evening. Ryan McCarthy and Peter Gerrard took home maximum points in two races that forced out all but the toughest riders, in a demanding and draining opening criterium.

With a stiff cold wind blowing in from the east, but the last of the evening sun still lighting the course, it was a night for records to be broken in Pine Forest, and Liam Rowsome stepped up to the challenge magnificently.

We've posted the calendar and rider matrix for the inaugural Orwell Club League, along with the marshalling roster. You can click here, and the file will be available for the season in the yellow 'General Info' section on the main page. Please click through for more info...