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The circuit is about 1.3km around, with a gentle drag up to the finish line. Most races are run anti-clockwise on the biggest loop.

It's a perfect venue to give newer riders a chance to hone their skills in a controlled, supervised environment. There's no risk of vehicular traffic, and no kerbs, potholes or gravel. Knowing the right line through the corners is essential, but be aware of the riders around you - don't take a line that will cut across and endanger someone else, and be wary in case this happens to you.

In terms of racing, Corkagh Park can't compare to a proper road race, but criterium racing has its own thrills - Brian Ahern puts it best:

  “For anybody who's thinking - "20mins of racing - what's the point?" - Don't be fooled! It's a savage little circuit where you'll learn to corner at speed and sprint out of corners, close gaps and if there is a wind blowing the race will potentially be split to pieces. Be aggressive and you'll be rewarded for it.

  "It's certainly different to riding a handicapped road event but I think it's a great addition to the league that will help you improve a lot of the basic simple skills that are sometimes lacking in some of the strongest of road riders. It's great training to bring you on.”