Road races are the bread and butter of the common racer in Ireland. We race either out near Brittas on the N81 in Wicklow, or northside past Clonee, near the Black Bull toll station on the M3. See the rules page for sign-on locations. Sign-on closes ten minutes before the start of the race.


For those who haven't raced on open roads before, the rules of the road still apply. Anyone seen repeatedly riding on the wrong side of the line will be penalised. Check for overtaking car traffic if moving out of the bunch. Be very cautious on corners - the marshals will do their best to stop traffic back from the junction, but it's not always possible, and drivers are not always co-operative. Obey any orders from marshals, such as to slow down - they're trying to keep you safe.

Basically, use some common sense. It's not worth endangering yourself and others to gain a few places in the bunch. Stupid/reckless riding will be not be tolerated.


Races are either in CP (handicap) or DMS (separate races) format (see the rules page for full definitions), and it was common in 2013 to have two races per night – one for L/SL, and the other for S/SS.

If it's a CP, it's in the interests of each group to work together to both stay away from the chasing groups, or to catch the groups ahead - i.e. if Limit can work together well, and stay out in front without being caught, all the points will go to Limit riders, rather than having to sprint against Scratch riders. Similarly, if Scratch attack each other, and don't get a group effort going, they're unlikely to catch the groups in front, and won't score any points.

In a DMS, attack the hell out of each other and get in the break. Then win the sprint. Easy.


At the finish, if you didn't get a place, please keep riding through and home. This allows us to clear the area and let traffic flow – again, keeping the residents happy is paramount to the continued success of the league. Please return to the finish line if you think you placed, because we might not have Dave Mc's encyclopaedic knowledge of faces and names to put to the prizes. It's good practice to make sure your name was noted.


Black Bull


  • short lakes: MMR link - Starting from Brittas, riders will turn left off the N81 through Manor Kilbride onto the circuit, then right to go past the bottom of Red Lane (and on to the last year's circuit). Left turn to cross the northernmost bridge on the lakes, and left again on the far shore to go over the finish line. After crossing the line, the race drops down the hill and over the bridge, just before the speed ramps we turn sharp left for the second lap. This is a very sharp turn, be extremely cautious!
  • Tulferris - We are starting at Brittas, left for Manor kilbride, Lacken, right for Valleymount, left on N81, left at Pollaphuca,Tulfarris, right back onto lakes, Valleymount, left for Lacken and finish at usual place.
  • Brittas – hill finish
  • Sallygap finish