Club League Introduction


The Club League has always been the basis of racing within the club since it's first racing season in 1949. It has followed various different formats across the years, sometimes combined with other clubs, sometimes on our own. 

Through the glory days of the Kelly-Roche era the league was a great success, and in the early 1990s the newly founded St. Tiernans came to race within the Orwell league, but with numbers dwindling each year the decision was finally taken to merge with the Irish Road Club's league in 1995.

This new Inter-club league was originally called the AMEV(IRC)/Bell(Orwell) league, and comprised of the IMBRC, the Irish Road Club, Orwell Wheelers and St. Tiernans. Staggs (Lucan) joined in 1997, and in 98 IMBRC were replaced briefly by UCD. While a number of other clubs dropped in and out of the league for a season or two along the way those four clubs formed the core of the league for the following 16 years.. The league grew into a massive success, but in the years up to 2013 it became a victim of that success, with huge numbers turning up on Thursday evenings.

By 2013, the numbers racing in the Inter-Club League had grown so much that Orwell – as the biggest club in the ICL - made the decision at an EGM to return to an Orwell only league. In 2023, numbers racing in both leagues had stabilised and Orwell rejoined the Inter-Club League. The Orwell League Trophy is now awarded to the highest placed Orwell Rider in the Inter-Club League.

The Inter-Club League now consists of Orwell Wheelers, St. Tiernans Cycling Club, Lucan Cycling Road Club, Sundrive Track Team, Blanch Wheelies, and Clondalkin Cycling Club.

News articles about club racing are available via League -> Reports.


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