Alan Clarke takes the win at the Waller Cup A4 race(Pic Credit: Sean Rowe)

After over two decades away from the sport Alan Clarke has made an immediate impact on his return, sprinting to victory in the A4 race at the Waller Cup his weekend. Clarke, who has already been picking up placings in the Inter-Club League, demonstrated that he's lost none of his finishing kick as he left the bunch in his wake on the uphill drag to the finish in Bohermeen.

Alan Clarke on the podium at the Waller Cup

Clarke wasn't the only Orwell rider in the results at the weekend. David Harrington continued his fine run of form to take sixth in the A3 race, while Zoe Greene netted eighth in the women's event, a great result in only her first season of racing.

Harrington was also in the results in at the Mick Beggan Shield on Saturday evening, winning the first Junior prize. Orwell's Youths also featured strongly. Katie Turner won the U14 race while Ysabella Huele was second in the U16 race, and William Hance was second in the U12 event.