As we hit the final month of the year, and all thoughts start to turn to next season - training and preparation, let's take a quick few moments to have a review of the year's results.

What's listed below are pure results, garnered from various reports to the best of our ability. It's an impressive list, but behind every win or minor placing is a further story of courage and determination. To single out any would do the others an injustice, but Eric Downey's win at the Mick Lally got the season off to a fantastic start. David Halpin's win at Dunsany took nearly everyone by surprise, while Isabel Cogan's victory at the Boyne GP was expected by anyone who'd seen her in action. Ronan Grimes' solo win in Donore as the season closed meant the results just kept coming for Orwell all year round

We saw a few notable riders move on - Sean McKenna went to UCD, and jumped to A2 with a fine victory in the Lucan GP, while Darragh Long and Anne Dalton were strong workhorses in their respective teams of Standard Life NRPT and DID Electrical.

Updated: As can be a danger with these lists, we missed one set of results - those of the Collins Christle Memorial in Kilmessan. That day was particularly notable for a heavy presence of Orwell in the women's placings, with Monica Marconi atop the podium. Apologies for the oversight!

But there's not enough space to detail every rider's achievements - we'll let the list below speak for itself!


Ned Flanagan Memorial (A1-4), Monasterevin, 17/2/2013
Eric Downey - 3rd unplaced A2

Downey receives his prize at the Mick Lally


Mick Lally Memorial (A1/2), Dunboyne, 2/3/2013
Eric Downey - 1st
Diarmuid Collins - 1st unplaced A2

Ian Gallahar Memorial (A3)
Brian McArdle - 2nd

Dublin Wheelers GP (A4)
John Twomey - 2nd

Cycleways Cup (A3), Navan, 3/3/2013
Darragh Long (NRPT) - 3rd unplaced Junior
Eddie Lynch - 2nd unplaced Vet

A4 Race
Jamie Busher - 5th

Rás Naomh Finian (A1/2), Clonard, 9/3/2013
Eric Downey - 2nd unplaced A2

A3 Race
Anne Dalton - 1st unplaced woman

A4 Race
John Twomey - 5th

Newbridge GP (A1/2), Newbridge, 10/3/2013
Eric Downey - 4th unplaced A2

Morgan Sparrow Memorial (A3)
Seán McKenna (UCD) - 6th
Brian McArdle - 8th

A4 Race
Jamie Busher - 7th

St Patrick's Day Festival of Youth Racing (U16 Girls), Corkagh Park, 17/3/2013
Naoise Sheridan - 2nd

Lucan GP (A3), Batterstown, 23/3/2013
Seán McKenna (UCD) - 1st
Darragh Long (NRPT) - 3rd
Michelle Geoghegan - 1st unplaced woman

A4 Race
Ronan Foley - 2nd
Paul Brosnan - 4th
Lucy Soden - 1st unplaced woman

Muddy finishers at the Lucan GP - Lucy Soden, Donnacha McCormack and Paul Brosnan


EYO Selection Race, Corkagh Park, 1/4/2013
Naoise Sheridan - 5th

Harry Reynolds Memorial (A1-4), Balbriggan, 6/4/2013
Aidan Collins - 1st unplaced A2

Ben McKenna Memorial (A1/2), Balbriggan, 7/4/2013
Odhran Connors - 4th unplaced A2

A3 Race
Philippe Bourdarias - 5th
Darragh Long (NRPT) - 6th

Pat and Monie Nolan Memorial (A1-4), Balscadden, 13/4/2013
Eric Downey - 7th
Brian McArdle - 1st unplaced A3
Darragh Long (NRPT) - 2nd unplaced Junior

Stamullen GP (A1/2), Stamullen, 14/4/2013
Odhran Connors - 3rd unplaced A2
Diarmuid Collins - 7th unplaced A2
Patrick O'Brien - 9th unplaced A2
Aidan Collins - 10th unplaced A2
Tom Blennerhassett - 11th unplaced A2
Eric Downey - 12th unplaced A2

A3 Race
Darragh Long (NRPT) - 2nd unplaced Junior
Ciara Kinch - 2nd unplaced woman

Peter Bidwill Memorial (A1-4), Donore, 20/4/2013
Eric Downey - 4th
Patrick O'Brien - 1st unplaced A2

Visit Nenagh Classic (A3 Race), Nenagh, 21/4/2013
Darragh Long (NRPT) - 14th

Waller Cup (A4), Bohermeen, 28/4/2013
David Halpin - 5th

Mondello (A1-4), Mondello, 30/4/2013
Neil Whelan - 1st unplaced A4


Frank O'Rourke Memorial (A1/2), Camross, 5/5/2013
Eric Downey - 4th

A4 Race
Jamie Busher - 2nd

U16 Race
Naoise Sheridan - 10th

U12 Race
Uisneach Sheridan - 5th

Dunsany GP (A3), Dunsany, 12/5/2013
Brian McArdle - 5th

A4 Race
David Halpin - 1st

Shay Elliot Memorial (A1/2), Bray, 12/5/2013
Odhran Connors - 2nd unplaced A2
Patrick O'Brien - 7th unplaced A2

Emyvale GP (A3 Race), Emyvale, 19/5/2013
Philippe Bourdarias - 3rd

Dungarvan GP (A4 Race), Dungarvan, 19/5/2013
Neil Whelan - 3rd

David Halpin (at front) in action in Corkagh Park before winning the A4 Dunsany GP (courtesy of


Boyne GP (Women), Slane, 2/6/2013
Isabel Cogan - 1st
Lucy Soden - 3rd
Orla Hendron - 5th
Rachael Kaye-Mellor - 6th

A1/2 Race
Diarmuid Collins - 2nd unplaced A2

A4 Race
Paul Brosnan - 7th
John Twomey - 8th

Sean Nolan Memorial/Meath GP (U16), Navan, 9/6/2013
Naoise Sheridan - 6th

U12 Race
Uisneach Sheridan - 7th

Manzer Thackaberry Cup (A3), Newbridge, 16/6/2013
David Halpin - 5th
Darragh Long (NRPT) - 6th

Ned Flanagan Cup (A4)
John Twomey - 3rd
Paul Kane - 5th
Neil Whelan - 9th

Donamon Dynamos GP (A4), Roscommon, 16/6/2013
Ronan Grimes - 4th

Stephen Roche GP, Dundrum, 26/6/2013
Patrick O'Brien - 1st unplaced A2
David Halpin - 2nd unplaced A3
Darragh Long (NRPT) - 2nd unplaced Junior
Patrick O'Brien - 1st Orwell

Mullingar GP (A3), Mullingar, 30/6/2013
Philippe Bourdarias - 6th
David Halpin - 7th
John Twomey - 8th

A4 Race
Oisín Boland - 4th

Women's Race
Anne Dalton (DID) - 2nd

Isabel Cogan after her Boyne GP win


Noel Redmond Memorial (A3), Bunclody, 7/7/2013
Neal Hudson - 8th

A4 Race
Oisín Boland - 3rd

Tommy Brady Memorial (A1-4), Robinstown, 20/7/2013
Patrick O'Brien - 1st unplaced A2

Séamus Kennedy Memorial (A1/2), Dunboyne, 21/7/2013
Patrick O'Brien - 5th unplaced A2

DID GP (A4 Race)
John Lannigan - 2nd

Women's Race
Ciara Kinch - 2nd
Monica Marconi - 4th

Brendan Campbell Memorial (A1/2), Donore, 28/7/2013
Diarmuid Collins - 1st unplaced A2

A4 race
Ronan Grimes - 1st
John Lannigan - 5th

Ronan Grimes in action


Collins Christle Memorial (A1-3), Kilmessan, 11/8/2013
Philippe Bourdarias - 4th unplaced A2
Cormac Behan - 5th unplaced A3

Women's Race
Monica Marconi - 1st
Ciara Kinch - 3rd
Orla Hendron - 4th

Marconi up the road (photo thanks to Fergies Kilmessan)


Kieran Hammond Memorial TT (A3), Roundwood, 14/9/2013
Gavin Dodd - 3rd

Jules Cantwell - 2nd
Fionn Sheridan - 3rd

Laragh Classic, Laragh, 15/9/2013
Liam Rowsome - 4th

A4 Race
Brian McNally - 8th

Barrow Wheelers GP (A4), New Ross, 29/9/2013
Brian McNally - 3rd