Also known as CX, this is a branch of cycle sport which combines many of the skills used in standard road and mountain biking with an added emphasis being placed on bike handling skills as the riders navigate the sometimes bumpy and muddy terrain.

Cyclocross races take place over short distances of around 1-3km on off road surfaces such as grass, dirt and mud in locations such as woods and fields.

The cyclocross season runs during the winter. The races are usually on circuits with a certain number of laps and often include obstacles which the cyclists must overcome. Uniquely to CX you often have dismount, carry and then remount back onto your bike during a race to get through some of these obstacles. 




Also known as Randonneuring, this is a branch of cycle sport in which participants attempt to cycle long distances within a pre-defined time limit. Audax is a non-competitive discipline: success in an event is measured by its completion. See Audax Ireland for more information about this type of cycling challenge. Participation in Audaxing in the club is growing year on year, with members participating in Irish and events abroad. 

Orwell Wheelers organise a number of events on the Audax Ireland Calendar.

  • Orwell 200

  • Midlands 300

  • National 400

  • National 600 (not every year)

  • Orwell 1000 (not every year)

For more on these events, see the Audax Events page.