Orwell Wheelers was formed by a group of training partners in the Winter of 1948, affiliating to the newly formed CRE in early 1949.
Past and present members have included the Roches - Stephen, Laurence and Nicolas; Paul Kimmage and David O'Doherty.



The club approved a new constitution by EGM in February 2017.
It was last updated in October 2022. View it here (pdf).

The original founding constitution can be found in the history forum.


Data Protection

Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club will use the information provided by you (the member) to the club via membership registration, competition entry forms, and event registrations to carry out the business of the club.

This includes but is not restricted to: communications on club matters, administration of club records, holding events.

Your data may be recorded by the club electronically, kept and processed on computer or in manual form. Through this notice we are letting you know what we intend doing with your information before collecting it, or you confirming it, so that you can decide whether nor not to furnish that information to us.

Members' responsibilities and rights

You agree to keep the club informed of any changes to the personal data that you have provided to the club. You are entitled to write to the Secretary request a copy of your personal data which the club holds. Should any inaccuracies exist in your personal data held by the club you are entitled to request that the club amend or erase it.


Safeguarding & Child Protection

As part of the club's obligations under the Children's First Act 2015, here is our Safeguarding Statement (PDF). 

Our Child Protection Policy is under the Youths section of the website here : Child Safeguarding Policy

Other documents and forms on the Safeguarding page in the Youth section.


Social Media Guidelines

The club uses social media accounts (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to share information including photos about club activities and events. We aim at all times to make sure that photos and comments on these channels are always respectful (we will not allow anything that is deliberately insulting, abusive, embarrassing). If you DO NOT wish to be in any photos posted then you will need to contact the club PRO directly.   You will also be responsible for removing yourself from situations where group photos are taken. (The club cannot go through every photo of groups to check each individual). We recommend that you also familiarise yourself with the Cycling Ireland social media policy in relation to your individual responsibilities.  A more detailed Social Media Policy will be published in April.

DRAFT Orwell Wheelers Social Media Policy


Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club Policy on electrically assisted bicycles (E-Bikes) (Feb 2023)

It is the policy of Orwell Wheelers CC to encourage cycling and welcome cyclists using bicycles in compliance with the requirements listed on our website under “Spins”. In addition, we now welcome electrically assisted bicycles commonly known as “E-Bikes” under the following conditions:

Definition of E-Bike:
It must be in compliance with; (EU) EN 15194:2017 – Directive 2019/436 when applied to “road bikes” also described as racing bike. This agreed standard includes ISO specifications for the materials and manufacturing process, the rated maximum assisted speed (25kph) and the maximum continuous rated power of 250w. of E-Bikes (Applies to the majority of E-Bikes currently on sale in Ireland)

The club excludes E-Bikes with straight handlebars, single gear (fixies) bikes without front/back hand operated brakes or fatbike/mountain bikes.

Permitted use of E-Bikes:
Compliant E-Bikes will only be allowed for use in the club under three conditions:
(1) Age, over sixty six (66) years of age;
(2) Age, over sixty years (60) with a self-declared medical condition;
(3) under sixty (60) with proof of a medical condition.

Permit System:
The club will operate a simple and discreet permit system to control the safe introduction of E-Bikes into our pool of conventional road bikes. Any person wishing to cycle an E-Bike must apply to the club for a permit, supplying a proof of age document (drivers licence/passport) or a letter from his/her doctor stating that they are medically safe to cycle an E.Bike.

Conditions of Permit:
That all persons using E-Bikes will cycle safely and responsibly, abide by all leaders instructions and only use the “electrical assistance” where necessary, and at a level, to ensure safe group riding.

New Members:
All new applicants to the club through Pathways wishing to uses an E-Bike, must apply beforehand for a permit and comply with all the conditions above.

Any member persisting in cycling an E-Bike at club events without a permit, or cycling in an unsafe manner could be sanctioned or removed from the club in accordance with the club disciplinary procedure.

Policy is available as a PDF.

Process on eBike approval

  • Applicable member emails the club secretary confirming which of the conditions above they meet.
  • The Membership Secretary acknowledges the request and confirms back to the member that the request has been approved
  • The Membership secretary updates the membership list to reflect that the member is using an E Bike



Other Documents and Forms

Issue / Incident Report Form     PDF     doc




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